1. Overview of Pre-Press Form Navigation

2. Pre-Press Form: Pre-Press Tab

Pre-Press Form: Pre-Press Tab
  1. Activity: The general name for this item.
  2. Job Description: The description of this pre-press item as it will show in the estimate description. This is auto-entered as the Activity name.
  3. Status (checkbox): Check this to make it an active item.
  4. Category: The pre-press category assigned to this pre-press item.
  5. Sales Category: The sales category assigned to this pre-press item.
  6. Commissions (checkbox): Check this box to exclude this item from sales commissions.
  7. BHR: Enter a Billing Hourly Rate for this item if it is a Time Based chargeable item.
  8. Charge (AA,BB,CC): The amount to be charged for this pre-press item. This can be either Time Based or Unit Based.
  9. Markup (AA,BB,CC): The percentage of markup for this pre-press item.
  10. Total (AA,BB,CC): The total of the charge plus markup. This field is automatically calculated.
  11. Notes: Enter any notes about this item.
  12. Automatically include on these New Estimates: Click each estimate type you would like these items to appear on by default.
  13. Do not show in Job Description (checkbox): Check this item to hide this item from display in the Job Description area of the estimate.

3. Pre-Press Form: Scheduling Tab

Pre-Press Form: Scheduling Tab

If you have the optional Scheduling module - Use this tab to assign Scheduling Operations and additional Lead-In and Lead-Out times for this item.