Step1: Ink Record Setup

1. Create a new ink record

2. Fill in the fields as shown below

  1. Name the ink
  2. Select "Aqueous Coating"
  3. Check "No Plate Required"
  4. Change "Default % of Coverage" to 100
  5. Check "Include in Estimating Ink Dialog List"
  6. Select the appropriate sales category
Step 2: Ink Table Setup

1. Open Ink Table

2. Fill in the Aqueous Coating row appropriatly

If you are not sure what your values should be then start with the values shown below and adjust them as needed.

Step 3: Press Setup

Only for on press coaters

1. Open the Press record

2. Check "Has Coater"

Step 4: Add Coating to Estimate

1. Open the estimate

2. Open the ink dialog

3. Select "Calculated Method"

4. On the next line of Side A type your ink name (example: AQ Gloss)

5. Repeate number 4 ^ for Side B if needed