Port forwards must be in place before continuing with the steps below.

1) Double-click your PrintPoint Client application

2) Immediately after, hold your ALT key down (OPTION key on a mac)

3) This should bring up the server connection dialog that looks like this picture. Click on the Custom tab.

5) In the Database Name field, enter anything you want. It’s simply an identifier that you’ll see the next time you open this dialog and click on the Recent tab.

6) In the Network Address field, enter the global IP address that Paul gave you.

7) Click the OK button and the client application will attempt to connect to the server.


There is no need to click the Display this dialog at next startup checkbox unless this is the same computer you use to connect to PrintPoint when you’re at work. The client application will always try to re-connect to the last server it used UNLESS you are holding down that ALT/OPTION key which forces you into this dialog.