This example shows you how to setup a Production Hours X Quantity Post-Press Activity such as Folding .

1. General Tab

-- 1. Enter "Your Activity Name" into Activity Name

-- 2. The Job Description will be copied automatically. Adjust if necessary.

-- 3. Select Category.

General Tab

2. Adjust the Variable Charges Settings

-- 1. Copy the Variable Charges Settings as shown.

-- 2. Enter the BHR, then click the Copy BHR to grid 1st row link to Copy the value up to the grid

-- 3. Adjust the From and To Ranges and Price Level Ranges.

-- 4. Click the Clipboard to copy the Row 1 rates to Additional Hours (Values cannot be left with "0")

-- 5. Enter the number of Finished Quantity Per Hour you estimate you can produce.

Adjust the Variable Charges Settings