PrintPoint provides you the option of converting linked estimates to a job. This is beneficial if, for instance, you have a cover estimate and a text estimate and want them to be associated once converted to a job. PrintPoint will give each of the estimates the same job number but will add a sequence character for distinction. For example...

Estimate #        Description        Job #

20001        Booklet Cover         10001-A or 10001.1

20002        Booklet Text            10001-B or 10001.2

This approach will give you the opportunity to use the CombiJob Ticket and keep both parts on one ticket.

  • Create two estimates.
  • Link the two estimates (See the Linking Chapter).
  • Use one of the two methods described earlier in this chapter to convert one of the estimates to a job.  Converting an Estimate To a Job from an Estimate Detail Screen  OR Converting an Estimate To a Job from the Estimate List View
  • PrintPoint Displays the Linked Estimates Ready for Conversion to Jobs dialog.
  • From this dialog you can choose to unlink parts, choose job quantity, job due date, etc...

Linked Estimates Conversion Dialog